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Loxone Smart Home - Wireless Solutions - Autopilot Living


Autopilot Living

The smart home perfectly meets the needs of its occupants, performing tasks according to schedules and taking into account the season, weather and whether anyone’s at home. Your smart home is the most intelligent of all. It takes care of thousands of tasks for you, freeing up your time for the more important things in life.

A Home Like No Other

Loxone makes your home safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient. It saves you time and handles tasks for you, allowing you to enjoy living in your home. Your home will think like you, bring you happiness (and will probably make the neighbours a little jealous too!).

It understands which lights to turn on, which music to play and your preferred room temperature for different times of the day – whether it be in the morning or evening, or specifically when you’re cooking, relaxing or having guests over. This level of comfort can only be experienced in a Loxone Smart Home.

Living in such smart home is like flying on autopilot! If you ever want to change something, a single click on a switch or tap on a smartphone is enough.

All this is accessible for the project, retrofitter, rebuilding of a smart home thanks to Loxone wireless concept, the imagination has no bounds...

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