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Is it your Smart Home protocol enough secure to intruders, hackers, cyber-attacks?



KNX Secure

“Today, as KNX operates at the interface between installation technology and more complex data technology, we have critically questioned and reviewed the security concerns and the demand for security. The result is KNX Secure. A new, compatible and future- oriented architecture for the security in building technology, as we think in buildings and in permanently changing structures and architectures. Fixed electrical installation as part of the building’s infrastructure only allow limited quick updates. With KNX, this can be much more elegantly solved. Moreover, security can open up a new business segment with security applications and components for the professional, system integrator, designer and installer. That’s why KNX Security “lives” with KNX Secure.”

Maximum protection for smart homes and buildings

KNX is the first and only smart home and smart building standard that meets the highest security requirements in cyber security worldwide. International standardisation bodies have now officially confirmed this. With its security architecture KNX Secure, which is now standardized according to EN 50090-4-3, KNX successfully blocks hacker attacks on the digital infrastructure of networked buildings, thus ensuring maximum data protection.

No more digital break-ins!

Only KNX delivers the security mechanisms in the market of smart homes and smart buildings technologies  

Highest encryption standards 

KNX Secure, which internationally also relies on security algorithms standardised according to ISO 18033-3, such as AES 128 CCM encryption, in order to effectively prevent attacks on the digital infrastructure of buildings and to achieve the highest level of data protection.

Double protection concept for twice the security 

KNX IP Secure protects the IP communication between the KNX installations. KNX IP Secure extends the IP protocol in such a way that all transferred telegrams and data are completely encrypted. KNX Data Secure effectively protects user data, including data exchanged with the various terminals, against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication. Both mechanisms can be combined and used in parallel to achieve maximum safety.



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