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The new ETS Inside


Enable the next level of comfort and simplicity

Smart home automation is everywhere today. ETS Inside is KNX’s answer to this growing trend. Now you can offer all benefits of the successful KNX standard in an mobile application, easy to understand and allowing your customers to configure the installation themselves.

What is ETS Inside?

ETS Inside is the entry level version of your trusted ETS Professional that runs on any existing or new KNX installation. Configure settings from your - or your customer’s - tablet or smartphone. Perfect for small and medium installations, ETS Inside offers the next step in home automation in a stable and secure way.

More about ETS Inside

ETS Inside is an official tool software by KNX Association that allows you and your customers to fully customise features in their homes. Whether it is automating their systems for lighting, window shades, heating and cooling or even home security, ETS Inside is ready for all of it.

Building on the industry leading ETS Professional, ETS Inside is controlled by an app and can be accessed by a PC, tablet or even a smart phone within our most secure environment.

How does ETS Inside work?

By simply adding an ETS Inside compatible mini PC to any existing or new KNX installation via USB or KNXnetIP, a user friendly interface - that runs on desktops, tablets and smartphones - allows you and your customers to set up KNX systems according to the exact desired specifications. 

What do you need?

  • Existing or new KNX Installation
  • ETS Inside compatible mini PC
  • Valid ETS Inside license

More information available here: download leaflet


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