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We are consultants in various energy fields aimed at fundamentally improving energy efficiency, in this way it becomes possible to reduce costs on energy bills through energy efficiency measures in the following domains:

  • Energy Check, analysis and reports of potential measures in housing, services, or equipment.
  • Identification, subscription, installation and supervision of the implementation of energy and water efficiency measures in buildings and industries.
  • Diagnostics, audits and preparation of reports and projects, as application forms to funding programs and incentives available.
  • Analysis of potential resources in energy production, based on alternative and renewable energy sources. Units of production for self-consumption (upac's) and small production (upp's).
  • Analysis and advice on the purchase of energy, among the new alternative suppliers, in the liberalized market, and tariffs, contracts and others, looking for the most advantageous reality and needs of each installation.
  • Analysis, study, project and implementation of energy and water efficiency measures and local or remote - telemetry monitoring tools, at the different customers.

To help and set your energy consumption, focus on cost reduction, is our goal!

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