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Careful management in today's economic and financial scenarios means making decisions at all levels! Nowadays, and increasingly, in order to reduce costs of production, exploration and operability that are based on an important and common denominator, the energy costs. Thus, a concise and determined decision to reduce them is essential! How?

Without a basic diagnosis that we get by a check-up to the installation, or by other words, through an energy audit, it is not possible to decide, act, or solve, without knowing: how, how much, and where it is consumed!

There are by and for this, various types of energy audits, determined on the basis of installations: housing, services, buildings and industries, which pass through a survey, measure, record, monitor, and analyze the different energy consumption involved. We provide energy audits and, from the simplest to the most elaborate, depending on the requirements and needs. Our options go through "energy-check” (at your home, at one equipment), an energy diagnostic: “walk-trough"; detailed global (all the company), or specific (a system); official audits according to the SGCIE requirements; energy quality; energy management systems: ISO 50001.

Based on collected data, analysis and interpretation, it will then be possible to identify and recognize the most appropriate energy efficiency measures for your home, office, business or industry.

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